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Updated: Aug 31

Mallow Rose Cottage.

Howdy there!

Welcome to Mallow Rose Cottage, a meeting place between imagination and reality. Thank you for stopping by to learn more.

As my first blog ever, I thought I should introduce myself and share a little background about this website. My name is Trevor Leach, the figure who inhabits the cozy dwelling above. I make art, I write, I find wonder in the world around us, and I communicate between realms to bring humanity into harmony with nature. One of the many gems in Appalachia, this Arts and Crafts home was constructed over a hundred years ago on the toes of Attakulla and the Black Mountains.

Our histories became intertwined earlier this summer when I moved in with my two cats and founded Mallow Rose as an art studio and publishing house.

Rose Mallow flowers in the garden.

Why Mallow Rose?

Hibiscus plants (also known as Rose Mallow, among other names) surround the cottage with their white and purple blossoms, attracting hummingbirds, butterflies, and many other critters such as myself.

As you might guess by their common name, hibiscus plants are the source of ingredients for making marshmallows as well as having other beneficial uses. Native varieties grow wild in Appalachia, but the Hibiscus syriacus flowers above likely trace their ancient origins to Asia. For thousands of years their blossoms have captivated people around the world, symbolizing the fleeting nature of life, beauty, and love.

As the end of summer approaches, I am renovating the garden and digging through its layers of history. Mostly that involves weeding out invasive vines, pruning brambles, and trying to encourage a vibrant ecosystem. Each day I trod over the boundary between gardening and rewilding, foraging and propagating. Advocating for the environment means cultivating a world in which people and nature grow together, and that process begins with ourselves at home.

Cedar bundle for smudging.

Willow and Lilith.


I hope you enjoy your visit here at Mallow Rose Cottage. Willow and Lilith sure appreciate the attention. Come back anytime to read more updates, and feel free to linger around as long as you please. Mallow Rose is still very much a work-in-progress, like myself of course. In the near and distant future I will be posting fresh content regularly, so watch out for new artwork, writing, blog posts, and other exciting plans!

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Mallow Rose Studio.

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