Trevor Leach is an American artist and writer. Born and raised in Florida, the first twenty-two years of their life took place surrounded by the lush yet frightening Southern wilderness. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from University of Central Florida in 2015, they moved west and began studying at University of Colorado Denver. In May 2021 they graduated with a BFA in Art Practices and a minor in Art History, focusing on painting, drawing, and transmedia sculpture; and soon they will begin working on a MFA from University of Massachusetts Amherst. Their art has been on display since 2018, including at Emmanuel Gallery, RedLine Contemporary Art Center, and Pirate Contemporary Art. In addition to publishing several books and zines from their home studio in Denver called Madeline House, dozens of their articles have been published by The Sentry Newspaper on a variety of topics, but especially contemporary art and politics.